All Our Courses and Credits

0024 Customer care in Health setting: Doing more to succeed! By David Gilet - 10 CPD Credits

This course will inspire Health professionals on the need to increase customer care service in their workplace, Health Setting. Will highlight about patient satisfaction also. It is to be done in 10 Hours.

0023 Le Counseling: Les Concepts et Techniques By Rugira Aime Jerome - 6 CPD Credits

Ce cour introduit les concepts et techniques du counseling. Par Rugira Aime Jerome. Le cours se fait en 6 heures.

0022 Introduction and Management for Falls in Adults, Course by Prof. Joseph G. Ouslander - 8 CPD Credits

This course explores the risk factors, figures and gives directives in the management of Falls in Adults. The course contains also some typical Case to handle.

0021 Palliative Care Physiotherapy Updates and orientations - 6 CPD Credits by Pauline Cerdor (PC PT)

This course help orient Physical Therapists in how to invest themselves in Palliative Care and working based on expected outcome. Do not miss it

0020 Health Literacy for Health Professionals Course - 8 CPD Credits Dr Don Wright & Team

This Course will introduce to you Health Literacy and all you need to know about strategies to increase Health Literacy. This subject is very crucial in health service delivery you need to go for.

0019 Modern Cataract Surgery for OCO by Professor Ejaz Ansari - 5 CPD Credits

This course is dedicated to Ophthalmic Clinical Officers, it is for 5 hours (both reading and completing evaluation. You pass when got 80% or above.

0018 Introduction to NDT Bobath Approach and Treatment Principles by Ines Musabyemariya 8 CPD Credits

This course will introduce NDT Bobath Approach and Treatment principals to Physiotherapists wherever they are.

0017 Leadership and Management in Healthcare Settings 8 CPD Credits by Korukire Noel

This course will introduce you to the advantages of applying Leadership and Management skills in healthcare settings.

0016 Knowledge Management in Healthcare Delivery 8 CPD Credits by Noel Korukire

This course will give you information on how knowledge management can help in healthcare delivery.

0015 OutBreak Investigation Course by Jean de Dieu Herelimana MSc in M.V. 8 CPD Credits

This course will give you a wide introduction on how to carry out an outbreak investigation. Read and re-read; score 80% or more to get a certificate.