All Our Courses and Credits

0017 Leadership and Management in Healthcare Settings 8 CPD Credits by Korukire Noel

This course will introduce you to the advantages of applying Leadership and Management skills in healthcare settings.

0016 Knowledge Management in Healthcare Delivery 8 CPD Credits by Noel Korukire

This course will give you information on how knowledge management can help in healthcare delivery.

0015 OutBreak Investigation Course by Jean de Dieu Herelimana MSc in M.V. 8 CPD Credits

This course will give you a wide introduction on how to carry out an outbreak investigation. Read and re-read; score 80% or more to get a certificate.

0014 Basic Life Support & First Aid Short Course By Expert Muvara Charles - 8 CPD Credits

This Course introduces you to basic life support principles and helps you get some hint in first Aids. However; this course needs a lot of practical. You will definitely need to enroll in a practical session.

0013 Weight Loss: Nutrition & Exercise by Nathan & Habimana S. - 8 CPD Credits

This course helps a practitioner get more information on how to reduce weight using well designed Exercises and nutrition.

002 Emotions and Health - Alexandre H. & M Chantal M.

The practice is full of emotions and alterations in those emotions can give health problems. This course will highlight it all. Prepared by Alexandre & Marie Chantal.

0012 Social Pathology in the Practice

This is course dedicated to health professionals, it gives the introduction to pathologies in the society. The course has been prepared by an Expert in Social Work.

009 Clinical epidemiology for health professionals 8 CPD Credits

Clinical epidemiology is the study and analysis of the patterns, causes, and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations. it is dedicated to all health health professionals

008 Patient -Centered Care and Quality Improvement - 8 CPD Credits

This Course consists of systematic and continuous actions that lead to measurable improvement in health care services and the health status of targeted patient groups.it is dedicated to all Health professionals .

007 Health Risk Communication - 8 CPD Credits

This course is dedicated to Health Professionals in General, and it can help preventing a bad management of risk in health settings.