Prior to get enrolled in a course online; a participants has to register on this online platform by submitting a Passport Photo, a Degree Certificate or a CV. After  the registration is successful; you are required to pay the enrollement fee before the site administration grants you with the access to the course. 

Payments are done through the Company 's Bank Account opened in the Bank of Kigali (BK) 00262-06949899-22 RWF/ BK, after payment, you scan a bank slip and send it topupgradeltd@gmail.com or info@topuprwanda.com, You receive a confirmation mail that you have been granted the access.You can alternatively send the Bank slip via Whatsapp or call on the Office Line: 0789044439 registered in Momo Pay 000602- Pay with no extra charges!  and inquire the website access. 

       1  Outbreak Investigation Course       8 CPD Credits                  8,000 Frw 
       2  Basic Life Support & First Aid Course       8 CPD Credits                  8,000 Frw
       3  Weight Loss: Nutrition & Exercise Course       8 CPD Credits                  8,000 Frw
       4  Emotions and Health Course        8 CPD Credits                  8,000 Frw
       5  Social Pathology in the Practice Course                           8 CPD Credits                  8,000 Frw
       6  Clinical Epideriomology Course       8 CPD Credits                  8,000 Frw
       7  Patient Centered Care and Quality Improvement       8 CPD Credits                  8,000 Frw
       8  Health Risk Communication Course        8 CPD Credits                  8,000 Frw
       9  Refreshing on Conducting Research Course       20 CPD Credis                  15,000 Frw
      10  Current Advances in Medical Laboratory Diagnosis       8 CPD Credits                   8,500 Frw
      11  Diabetic Retinopathy Course       10 CPD Credits                   10,000 Frw 
      12  Health and Climate Change Course       10 CPD Credits                   10,000 Frw 
      13  Research Methodology Course        15 CPD Credits                  13,000 Frw 
      14  Management of retained Secretions Course         5 CPD Credits                    6,000 Frw
      15 Knowledge Management in Healthcare Setting Course          8 CPD Credits                   8,000 Frw 
      16 Leadership  and Management in Healthcare Setting Course          8 CPD Credits                   8,000 Frw 
      17 Introduction in NDT Bobath Techniques Course          8 CPD Credits                   8,000 Frw 

0019. Modern Cataract Surgery - 5 CPD Credits: 6,000 Frw 

0020. Health Literacy for Health Professionals - 8 CPD Credits : 8,000 Frw 

0021: Palliative Care Physiotherapy Updates and Orientations - 6 CPD Credits : 7,000 Frw 

0022: Introduction and Management of Falls in Adults - 8 CPD Credits : 8,000 Frw 

0021: Le counseling: Les Concemts et Techniques - 6 CPD Credits : 7,000 Frw 

0022: Customercare in Health Setting, Doing More to Succeed - 10 CPD Credits: 10,000 Frw 

0025: Clinical Laboratory Testing - Basics of Haematology - 5 CPD Credits by Dr. Cecile Sanders (M. Ed): 7,000 Frw  

0026: Diagnostic Approach of Acute Leukemia : 20,000 Frw - 32 CPD Credits 

If you make successful payment and don't make it to come to the face to face CPD courses; you inform the management 6 hours before; the fee paid can be used for any online course of your choice or for the following CPD face to Face course in your career. 

For any arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact 0789044439 (Office Line); Now you can pay to us with no extra charges with momo pay:000602. Who ever feels it diffucult to go to the Bank please liaise with the Documentation Officer and send them the enrollment fee via MTN Mobile Money (Office Line) or use Momo Pay to pay less. 

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