Top-Upgrade Ltd is a Company created to bridge the gap between qualified health professionals who are able to deliver Continuous Professional development courses with health professionals in need of CPD Credits for their knowledge upgrade. On the support of Misercodia Students Club and Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO).  

It is registered in RDB (Rwanda development Board) and has registered as a CPD Provider so far in Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC), Rwanda National Pharmacy Council (NPC), Rwanda Medical and Dental Council (RMDC). 

With expertise in logistics and organizational skills; TOP-UPGRADE LTD organizes Professional courses and invites health professionals to attend. Prior to invite health professionals; the Company request for competent institutions for their accreditation. Participants gain knowledge and helps them updating their competence but also avail CPD Credits for them. 

In special designed venues; TOP-UPGRADE LTD join both parties and facilitate good learning environment for the expected outcomes. The Company has a network of qualified professionals able to instruct a class and deliver the best of high learning skills for health professionals. 

This Company has both face to face training and online based CPD Courses. More focus is put on the online courses to break the barrier restricting health participants in practicing with high quality. Online courses reduce losing money for transports and other related expenses.

With online courses; participants can enjoy learning from wherever they are with the minimum of having a computer and internet. Now Rwanda has done more in investing on infrastructure realeting to internet. This can allow Health professionals wherever they are to enroll in online courses.  

We have online courses designed by health professionals and our team includes lecturers from different Universities in Rwanda and abroad; and experiences clinicals in the practice. 

To start with this, go to registration and then you can be able to go to courses and choose a course you like. You will be required to pay a small amount of fee and get the website access. 

 For more information about the Company please fill free to contact: 0789044439 (Office line) - Momo Pay Marchant Code: 000602 


Availing qualified professionals is our role, the beneficiaries will always appreciate the quality of continuous education we deliver.

Tel.: 0789044439 (Office Line) 

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